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Passport Photos

Prints from digital


up to 44" wide

C-41 Color

negative film



of 35mm & medium

format (120/220) film

Prints, CDs, and
index prints


from 35mm and

medium format

(120/220) film

Prints and CDs


35mm slides

Scan prints


up to 11 x 17

Digitize large
prints and artwork


(photographed with

high-res digital 


Photo greeting cards


(available through

 online service)

Collage prints


(in-store through kiosk)

Order prints online


up to 12x18

(larger prints order

in-store or file transfer)

Canvas prints


coated, stretched,

and mounted

(up to 20x30)

Metal prints


(up to 16x24)

Prints on
mouse pads

Custom services:


Basic retouching

and restoration

Digital media


to CD or DVD

Video Tape


to DVD






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