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Triggertrap  Mobile Dongle and Cable Kit MD-E3 for Canon and Others  

MD-E3 Not In Stock ($ 29.99)

Main specs

Brand:  Triggertrap

Type of Accessory:  Remote Trigger

Triggertrap-Mobile Dongle and Cable Kit MD-E3 for Canon and Others-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories
Specifications Medias


Type of Accessory

Remote Trigger


Can you feel your photography gadget sense tingling? You're going to love our powerful Triggertrap Mobile App, available for iOS and Android. With dozens of different features available, our app is the key to the most powerful camera remote the world has ever seen.
The app is free, but to hook it up to your SLR or advanced compact camera, you'll also need a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle, and camera connection cable. The kit you're looking at right now contains both, so pop it in your basket and skip along to the payment screen, and we'll get it to you as soon as we can!
Happy triggering!
What's in the boxes?

  • TT-D2 Mobile Dongle version 2
  • TC-E3 cable for Canon and others


Canon cameras





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