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Product Specifications

Peak Design  Capture P.O.V. Action Mount #CPOV-1  

Main specs

Type: Strap / Vest:  strap accessory

Material:  aluminum, Glass-reinforced nylon construction

Peak Design-Capture P.O.V. Action Mount #CPOV-1-Camera Straps & Vests
Description Specifications



not specified

Closing Mechanism

Not applicable

Memory Card Compartment

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Waterproof Capabilities

not applicable

Main Features


  • Holds almost any action camera: GoPro®, Sony® ActionCam, Contour® and more.  Also holds point-and-shoots.
  • Mounts to any strap: works great on backpack straps, life vests, ski boots, and any piece of gear with a strap on it. Fits straps up to 3" wide.
  • Low-profile & discreet: Unlike chest and helmet mounts, CaptureP.O.V. holds your camera close to your body.
  • Ultra-smooth video: Includes a stabilizing pad and a locking clamp to ensure smooth POV video.
  • Full pan and tilt: Position your camera however you want - even updside down - so you can get better angles and shots.
  • CaptureTool wrench: Includes a special tool for tightening screws and bolts for extra bumpy rides.
  • Carry point-and-shoots: Can be used as a discreet, convenient way to carry a point-and-shoot camera.
  • Quick-release lock: Access your camera's controls and quickly re-secure it in seconds.
  • Button safety lock: Twist the quick-release button to prevent accidental release.
  • Ultralight, ultra-durable: Weatherproof powdercoated aluminum construction with glass-filled nylon backplate & mounting arms.


Type: Strap / Vest

strap accessory


P.O.V. Cameras, GoPro


Peak Design

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